software projects created and mangeged by us

From Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Virtual 3D Experiences we scale your products to the next level.

Gamified Apps

Web and mobile app teaching users about informative topics in a gamified and easy-to-understand format. Catering to short attention spans, it gradually increases lesson durations for improved focus offering a comprehensive learning experience with articles and videos.

Collaborative Sharing

Our platform offers a collaborative and intuitive environment for creating personalized boards and sharing captivating content like pictures, videos, gifs, and text.

Realistic FPS

Attempting to be as true to life as possible, simulating real life physics, shooting mechanics, movment, and interactions with the world. With the ability to have all of these interactions along with players and or with bots.

Weather App

Provides a simple and concise 7-day forecast. With accurate and up-to-date information on temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and more. All with the ability to change themes and customize to suit the user’s needs.

Workflow Management

Enables businesses to streamline and optimize their complex workflows. With tracking capabilities, it empowers teams to report and manage the entire lifecycle of tasks, projects, and processes. Enhances productivity, reduces errors, and improve overall efficiency.

CEO Managment Software

Offers executives a centralized platform to monitor and analyze KPIs. WIth an overview of aggregated values. The dashboard empowers executives to make data-driven decisions real time.

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